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What is 'My Community'?

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MyCommunity is a platform of real-estate community websites used by property managers, committee members, property owners and tenants. It is a space where owners view their statements; raise maintenance requests; view important documents; communicate with their neighbours;  read important notices from their property manager and so much more. Committee members get higher levels of access and can view financial data and 

reports as well as approve payments online, all available in real time. Every scheme on the MyCommunity platform has its own website. This website has all the typical community information available to the public along with a number of features that are only accessible by owners. The site is managed by the Property Manager or the Committee.

My Strata Software, Urbanise Software, Community Schemes Software

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The private ‘members only’ section is what sets MyCommunity apart. This section is reserved for managers and committee members. It is also a great communication and service tool for managers. Because MyCommunity is connected to Strataware, a huge amount of information is automatically available on the portal – contact details of owners, tenants, committee members and suppliers; bank account balance; arrears balance; financial reports; building reports; levy payment history and much more.

What people can and can’t do will depend on their user permissions and much of these can be customised on a building-by-building basis by the Manager. Whenever an owner, committee member or tenant is added in Strataware, their access to the portal is automatically generated via e-mail. This includes cancelling access for people who may have sold or moved out.

MyCommunity allows you to share financial information (should you wish to) with committee members and owners. Financial reports such as the Annual Budget, P & L Statement, Balance Sheet and the General Ledger can be viewed online, initially by committee members.

These reports and the transactions in the GL are in real time, so as soon as an entry is made in the back-end accounting software, it is reflected immediately in MyCommunity.

Owners and tenants can lodge maintenance requests or service requests with their manager. The managers or administrators of the site can determine what e-mail addresses these requests are sent to.

Every request is given a unique ticket number, a copy of the request is sent to the client and the manager (or any other e-mail address that has been configured) while the status of the requests can be opened and closed.

Documents can be easily published to the MyCommunity portal.

Both property managers and board members can set viewing permissions against each document uploaded. Insurance policies, building plans, rules, contracts and so much more.

Send SMS messages to your committee members, owners and tenants quickly and easily. The mobile numbers of your clients are automatically displayed as per the details in the Strataware address book.

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