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Being a scheme executive is a huge responsibility. You need to know exactly what is happening in your scheme, even though this is not your full-time occupation.

Each scheme managed by Rise Property Solutions receives a web-based Community Portal as well a Community Smartphone app. Your portal is linked to our internal systems and can be used to obtain live financial information 24 hours a day. You will no longer need to email or phone your managing agent to obtain information on your scheme, often having to wait until the next day when their offices open again.

Now you can relax at home after a long day at work, log on to your Community Portal / App and access the following information at your fingertips:

  1. Bank account balances;
  2. Income and expense;
  3. Actual budget comparison;
  4. Arrear levies; and
  5. Copies of invoices paid and payable.

Not only do you have this information readily available, but since this information is directly linked to our internal systems, you can rest assured that the information is correct and up to date. By utilizing the tools available to them, scheme executives can take back control by monitoring the management of their scheme.


Rise Property Solutions, riseprop, South Africa, Pretoria

In the age of emails, internet and instant messaging, communication is key to any community scheme. Your community portal / app integrates the most effective communication tools available.

Owners and residents will receive personal login details which will not only give them access to pertinent scheme information, such as conduct rules, circulars, notices, insurance information etc., but they will access a wide selection of communication tools. 

Scheme executives can instantly message owners and residents without divulging their personal contact details. We furthermore offer a community discussion wall where owners can discuss and collaborate on certain issues, whilst owners and residents can contact their manager at the click of a button through a properly managed ticketing system. Whether there is a maintenance issue, complaint, suggestion or request for information – your manager is merely a click away.

Furthermore, owners have access to their levy statements and historical levy information, complete with search and filter functionality. This is the perfect solution for any investor needing to complete their tax returns. 

Communication would be useless without continuity. To this end, Scheme Executives have their own discussion board where all comments and decisions are kept indefinitely. New trustees would be given access to this discussion board, giving them full access to historical discussions and decisions taken.


"The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles..."

Integrity is the most important aspect of any managing agent, but the proof is in the pudding. At Rise Property Solutions, we understand that our integrity is our most important quality. Our integrity is rendered through the following:

1. Each Scheme has an individual bank account, which is opened in the name of the scheme. This enables us to supply the scheme executives with actual bank statement as opposed to manually captured documents claiming to be the real thing;

2. Transparency, transparency, transparency – the ultimate test for integrity;

3. No hidden costs – Rise Property Solutions is upfront with all costs associated with the management of your scheme. With each scheme utilizing their own bank account, there are no hidden bank charges, whilst all excess funds are deposited into an investment account which is also opened in the name of the scheme. By utilizing individual bank accounts, interest earned will be for the benefit of the scheme.

Property Portfolio Manager, Property Managment, Complex Managment, Building Administration, Building Management, Levy statements, Account Manager

Individual bank accounts

Online trustee access

Online payment approvals

Access to Property documents

No hidden charges


With cybercrime and white-collar crime rampant, security is of cardinal importance. Not just security of your funds, but also of your information, data and documents.

Property Portfolio Manager, Property Managment, Complex Managment, Building Administration, Building Management, Levy statements, Account Manager

At Rise Property Solutions, we are serious about security. We can assure you of total security through the following measures that have been implemented:

Having your own bank account ensures that you receive actual bank statements and eliminates the possibility of human error.

Board members approve invoices through our portal / app, which is then submitted directly to the bank for pmt. By doing so, we ensure that no irregular or incorrect payments are released, whilst no staff member has access to your bank account.

All information, including email communication, is kept in an offsite, state-of-the-art data centre, whilst being replicated to a backup data centre.

All our phone calls are recorded for your security.

Rise Property Solutions has implemented the latest technology to secure all networks through proper firewall systems.

Our software is cloud-based and stored in a fully POPI compliant data centre.

Hard copies of sensitive information are kept in POPI compliant, lockable and fire-proof cabinets.

Why take the risk of appointing a managing agent where one can easily uplift files when you can enjoy the best security currently being offered in the industry?


With the coming of the age of the internet, technology has become integral to the sustainability of any business.

Rise Property Solutions uses the latest software, which has been developed by Urbanise – the biggest community scheme software company in the world. Our software includes our community portal and app, whilst also implementing the most secure cloud-based servers.

Our telephony systems ensure that you can connect with your manager, even when they are not in the office, whilst all our calls are recorded for record purposes.

The best of all is that all our managers have, through securely encrypted links, direct access to our financial software and servers when attending your meeting, thereby ensuring that they can answer any question that might arise at a meeting, even when not at the office.

Rise Property Solutions, riseprop, South Africa, Pretoria

Why not contact Rise Property Solutions for the best service in the industry? It will most definitely change the lives of all scheme executives, owners and tenants alike


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