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  • Rise Property Solutions will open an operate a separate bank account for the Body Corporate. Contrary to industry standards we do not charge exorbitant bank fees for our own benefit. Each scheme only pays the minimal bank charges as charged by the bank, whilst all interest earned is for the benefit of the scheme.
  • Rise Property Solutions will, where required, assist the scheme in calculating the reserve fund levy, opening a separate bank account for the funds and ensure that all funds are applied in terms of the relevant legislation.
  • All owners will receive their monthly levy statement via email or post, whilst also being able to view and download their statements from the scheme’s Community Portal.
  • All payment will be verified and paid following the correct procedure as implemented by the scheme executives. At Rise Property Solutions we also understand that the biggest problem faced by schemes is their council accounts. To this end we prepare a full reconciliation on the history of the account once we bring a new client on board, after which the reconciliation is updated monthly. This will assist both your manager and the scheme executives to ensure that accounts are received and paid, as well as to immediately pick up any anomalies on the account.
  • Where applicable, Rise Property Solutions will attend to the payroll function for staff members.
  • Scheme executives will receive full monthly reporting on the financials, including copies of invoices paid and actual bank statements. All financials are also accessible on the Community Portal.
  • One of the main functions of Rise Property Solutions would be advising scheme executives with regards to the relevant legislation. At Rise Property Solutions we pride ourselves in our knowledge and experience in all aspects of community schemes.
  • The timeous payment of levies is of the utmost importance as this is the lifeline of any scheme. With strict debt collection processes, Rise Property Solutions ensures that levies are collected before it becomes a burden to the scheme. Each situation is unique and needs to be assessed in order to take the correct action, be it legal action through an attorney, an application to the Community Schemes Ombud Services or following a process of alternative dispute resolution, we are in top of the collection process.
  • Rules are there for a reason, especially when it comes to community schemes. Scheme executives will be advised on their rules and Rise Property Solutions will assist in all aspects of enforcing these rules.

Transparent management of bank account.

Calculation required levies in terms of legislation

Issuing of statements monthly

Municipal account assistance


Monthly reporting

Debt collection

Enforcement of rules


Rise Property Solutios will provide for the insurance needs of the scheme. Our services include the following:

  • Assisting the scheme in obtaining insurance quotations and renewing the insurance annually.
  • Arranging insurance valuations for insurance purposes as and when required.
  • Ensuring that the scheme as sufficient Fidelity Fund Insurance to cover all funds as determined by the Act.
  • Assisting and submitting any insurance claims, as well as following up on such claims from beginning to end.
Rise Property Solutions. South Africa. Pretoria


Rise Property Solutions. South Africa. Pretoria
  • At Rise Property Solutions we take pride in the schemes under our management. Planning and arranging for maintenance is essential and not only will we assist the scheme with planning for future maintenance, but we will also assist in obtaining relevant quotations.
  • Where relevant, we will assist in updating the maintenance repair and replacement plan, including updating the budget on an annual basis.


  • Rise Property Solutions will advise and assist the scheme with all procedural matters relating meetings. This would include procedures relating to annual general meetings, special general meetings, Trustee meetings, resolutions, quorums, proxies, and voting rights.
  • We will arrange proxies, nominations and agendas for meetings of the members and scheme executives, whilst also attending, taking minutes, and distribute minutes of meetings.
  • Furthermore, we will ensure that the scheme is fully compliant to all matters relating to the meetings, including proper notices being sent before and after meetings, keeping complete minute books and submitting annual returns to the Community Scheme Ombud Services following the annual general meeting.
Rise Property Solutions. South Africa. Pretoria

Financial year end

The success of any scheme depends on a property budget. We will assist in drafting the budget for approval.

Rise Property Solutions will furthermore prepare all documents for the annual audit, submit it to the appointed auditors and assist the auditors in order to finalize the audit as soon as possible.

Legislative duties

Community Scheme Ombud Service (“CSOS”)

  • We will ensure that each scheme is correctly registered, prepare and submit any amendments to scheme details, prepare and submit annual returns as well as collect and ensuring payment of CSOS levies.
  • Rise Property Solutions have dealt with various matters at CSOS and as such we have the best experience to approach CSOS for any relief sought by the scheme as well to defend any matter on behalf of the scheme.

Rise Property Solutions is also able to assist each scheme with the preparation and submission of their Protection of Personal Information manual as well as their Promotion of Access to Information manual as and when required.

At Rise Property Solutions we take care of all the day-to-day tasks of your investment so that you can carry on with your day.


Rise Property Solutions complies with the following regulatory bodies:

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